Ugh…I apologize in advance for this. I scanned in a bunch of sketches about a week ago that I thought were worth showing, and in the sober light of 6:30 on a Friday night realize that a) I don’t have anything new to scan in that’s worth showing, and b) this is totally not worth showing. I’ll try and be better next week!


new york, ny


Sketch for a poster. Designed this for RightRides for Women’s Safety which is a fantastic organization, and I urge everyone to support it. At some point, I will post the final poster. It looked purr-ty.

gold brickin’


Logo sketches for a project. I was so totally in love with the shiny gold brick. And, as is usually the case, the thing you love the most is the first to get killed by the client. Ah well.

hola amigos


I intentionally scanned this one to show the max amount of stuff on the other side of the paper. Logo sketches for a collaborative web effort.

15 5’s


This was the sketch for an admittedly weak and bad idea for a cover design. Happily, I realized this, and decided to design something else. Sketchy has become self-aware!

snack time, sketchy


Number one peanut! wooooooo! Again, this was forever ago. All I can tell you about it, is this was during my “use Facebuster all the time” phase.

ok, one more for today!


old sketches for web touts. guess the magazine!