daily status meeting.


I realized that I tend not to draw humanist serifs often. Mostly because they’re a pain in the ass.

Also, I found a stash of post its at a nearby desk yesterday in a really nice assortment of colors, so I’m going to be using those for awhile.


5 responses to “daily status meeting.

  1. What a trully strange and wonderful blog that you have here. I found it a bit odd at first, yet just kept on going through your posts. Is it a love of language, or the art of language at it’s most basic level…the characters themselves? Do the characters change the message, or do they just provide the tone or mood? Very interesting!

  2. Couldn’t resist adding you to the blogroll, just for something different.

  3. I shot the serif, but I didn’t shoot the bodoni

  4. they only thing better than this blog is chutney & cheese

  5. I’m disappointed that this wasn’t an experiment of a TeamSquadTeam logo.

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