Well, it’s really been a long time, hasn’t it? Much has changed in the coworker’s life. By way of explanation: I used to have a job that entailed much sitting around in long, tedious, unendurable meetings. These are a fertile breeding ground for doodle of all kinds. Not unrelated to this is the fact that I had access to a decent scanner, and was possessed of a great deal of free time. Then, all that changed when I took a new, and far more demanding job. One that required far fewer meetings. In fact, it had no meetings ever. It was a place of actual work. Sketchy no more.
Aaaaaand then the economy went to hell, and now, technically I have more free time again. The flip side of that coin is, of course, when I do have free time, I should really be doing something productive.

But then, who’s to say that Sketchy isn’t productive? And but so, in short, I will make a very serious attempt to start posting stuff again. Sorry for letting all 6 of you down 😉


3 responses to “wow

  1. I’m very happy that you’ve returned!

    And as you think you only have six readers… it will be very silly when more people post… and you have never heard of any of them… hee.

  2. Well, technically speaking, it’s 7 now.

  3. ha…thanks guys!

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