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Ugh…I apologize in advance for this. I scanned in a bunch of sketches about a week ago that I thought were worth showing, and in the sober light of 6:30 on a Friday night realize that a) I don’t have anything new to scan in that’s worth showing, and b) this is totally not worth showing. I’ll try and be better next week!


new york, ny


Sketch for a poster. Designed this for RightRides for Women’s Safety which is a fantastic organization, and I urge everyone to support it. At some point, I will post the final poster. It looked purr-ty.

15 5’s


This was the sketch for an admittedly weak and bad idea for a cover design. Happily, I realized this, and decided to design something else. Sketchy has become self-aware!

ok, one more for today!


old sketches for web touts. guess the magazine!

yay! disembodied, well dressed arms!


This was awhile ago, so I have completely forgotten the context.


no time

see! really! I’m posting again (for as long as I keep posting).

PS: isn’t it sad when you can’t spell correctly when doodling? feeling a little lame right now.

Blackletter makes me think of Dre