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new york, ny


Sketch for a poster. Designed this for RightRides for Women’s Safety which is a fantastic organization, and I urge everyone to support it. At some point, I will post the final poster. It looked purr-ty.


design review, 02/22/08


The frequency of posts lately has suffered to a combination of not having long, boring meetings, and having lots of work to do. Worry not! There will be more meetings this week. (sigh…so many meetings)

logo sketch


Beginnings of an idea for an identity I’m working on with a friend. I’ll post how the whole thing turns out.

off topic

I’m absolutely in love with this blog right now. It successfully combines my favorite aspects of music criticism, design history, and (sometimes) bad logos. I’m very impressed with how thoroughly researched it is, as well.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.