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new york, ny


Sketch for a poster. Designed this for RightRides for Women’s Safety which is a fantastic organization, and I urge everyone to support it. At some point, I will post the final poster. It looked purr-ty.


gold brickin’


Logo sketches for a project. I was so totally in love with the shiny gold brick. And, as is usually the case, the thing you love the most is the first to get killed by the client. Ah well.

site launch


This post celebrates the launch of one of my favorite projects: I got to design the first version of the site, and then the second version a few months later. Great project, and truly great clients.

Just sayin’


My colleague Omar brought his into the office, and we’ve been playing it at our shared desk. I’m not a big fan of video games, but this is a blast. In all modesty, I am a home run machine.

The one constant


This has nothing to do with politics. That said, I wouldn’t dare to compete with Shepard Fairey.

daily scrum, 02/20/08


As an aside: My good friend Claudine used to love using “e’s” in her work. Especially in Helvetica. She’d make them really big, and fit type in the opening of the letter. She always thought the lowercase e looked like a smile.

Weekly Team Status Meeting 02/25/08


This morning’s meeting, while very important, only really concerned *maybe* 3 people. As a result, there were a lot of really bored people in the conference room. Noted “anti-meeting” attendant looked as though he was going to murder everyone. This drawing is for him.