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gold brickin’


Logo sketches for a project. I was so totally in love with the shiny gold brick. And, as is usually the case, the thing you love the most is the first to get killed by the client. Ah well.


hola amigos


I intentionally scanned this one to show the max amount of stuff on the other side of the paper. Logo sketches for a collaborative web effort.

site launch


This post celebrates the launch of one of my favorite projects: I got to design the first version of the site, and then the second version a few months later. Great project, and truly great clients.

The one constant


This has nothing to do with politics. That said, I wouldn’t dare to compete with Shepard Fairey.

daily scrum, 02/20/08


As an aside: My good friend Claudine used to love using “e’s” in her work. Especially in Helvetica. She’d make them really big, and fit type in the opening of the letter. She always thought the lowercase e looked like a smile.

design review, 02/15/08


sprint review, 02/07/08