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Number one peanut! wooooooo! Again, this was forever ago. All I can tell you about it, is this was during my “use Facebuster all the time” phase.



Well, it’s really been a long time, hasn’t it? Much has changed in the coworker’s life. By way of explanation: I used to have a job that entailed much sitting around in long, tedious, unendurable meetings. These are a fertile breeding ground for doodle of all kinds. Not unrelated to this is the fact that I had access to a decent scanner, and was possessed of a great deal of free time. Then, all that changed when I took a new, and far more demanding job. One that required far fewer meetings. In fact, it had no meetings ever. It was a place of actual work. Sketchy no more.
Aaaaaand then the economy went to hell, and now, technically I have more free time again. The flip side of that coin is, of course, when I do have free time, I should really be doing something productive.

But then, who’s to say that Sketchy isn’t productive? And but so, in short, I will make a very serious attempt to start posting stuff again. Sorry for letting all 6 of you down 😉

Weekly Department Meeting, 02/21/08


daily scrum, 02/21/08


daily scrum, 02/22/08


Weekly Team Status Meeting 02/12/08


daily scrum, 02/08/08